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Unimog Line Clearingbild2_wallpaper_1024x768South Cave Tractors in partnership with Zagro in Germany are delivering great improvements in the quality, performance and versatility of Road-Rail Unimog in the UK.  The level of customer service we provide and the long experience and expertise of our two organisations, together, is winning new business with high profile customers as well as genuine admiration for the ability of Unimog in this sector.

The Unimog concept demonstrates its unique qualities in road-rail operations: start off by shunting heavy loads on rails, then skip off the tracks and drive on the road to where the next rail task awaits you. Only one vehicle can do this – the Unimog from Mercedes-Benz. For years, the versatile road-rail Unimog has proven itself on rail and road, convincing customers of its economy and great flexibility. Depending on the equipment and body selected, the new BlueTec 6 generation of the Unimog with its pioneering and environmentally-friendly innovations is a fully-fledged shunting vehicle or a professional workhorse for numerous applications in the field of railway infrastructure.

Perfectly tuned for towing loads of up to 1,000 t and equipped to provide outstanding working and driving comfort, the new road-rail Unimog is uniquely versatile. And decisively more economical. The road-rail Unimog isn’t just cheaper than a locomotive, it also proves its worth when it comes to running costs too – in particular thanks to much lower fuel and service product consumption. Even in terms of maintenance, service and regular intermediate and main inspections, the Unimog saves you a packet compared to a shunting locomotive. And not least because you can drive the vehicle yourself to a Service Partner near you. The road-rail Unimog is an investment which pays off.

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