Unimog UGE: All-terrain tool carrier

Setting standards, extending limits.  Mercedes-Benz implement carrier

365 days of thirst for work:  Year-round utilisation to full capacity

Municipal work is never done: countless small and large jobs need to be done quickly and reliably above all mowing, mulching and tree and brush control, winter services, sweeping and cleaning as well as loading and transporting. This is where the Unimog can bring its versatility into play as a wide variety of implements can be driven by the Unimog due to its standardised hydraulic, mechanical and electrical interfaces. Exchanging implements is faster and easier due to mounting points on the frame, mounting brackets on the sides and at the rear as well as ball points on the sub-frame of the platform floor. And together with its pulling power and drop-side body for towing a trailer, the compact vehicle is turned into a professional transporter capable of moving amazing amounts. And the new Unimog is expanding these system solutions even more: its reinforced axles and weight-optimised construction allow it to carry heavier payloads.

Progress and safety, perfection and responsibility, performance and innovation – these are only a few of the values which Unimog customers quite rightly connect with Mercedes-Benz. We have reinterpreted these values for the new Unimog and the result is an implement carrier which achieves new standards in productivity, efficiency and environmental acceptability. It unites state-of-the-art truck technology and outstanding advanced system and implement-carrying solutions to provide a successful overall concept. Therefore it is truer than ever to say: The new Unimog is an investment with a future.

EURO 6 Unimog UGE MAIN brochure 200 x 140

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MogThe Mercedes-Benz Unimog was designed especially for carrying implements. This has practical advantages right up to the present day. Its safety and reliability on the job together with its advanced system and implement-carrying solutions have made the Unimog a professional implement carrier for over 60 years.

The originally-named ‘Universal-Motor-Gerät’ (Universal Motorised Working Machine) is a vehicle which has been designed specifically for this purpose. It was only in connection with the many qualified body manufacturers and the wide know-how of the Unimog Dealers that a system could be created with a flexibility and productivity which is still unequalled today. But in spite of all its capabilities, its dimensions are stillextremely compact – and it is because of this that the implement carrier is able to make full use of its efficiency almost everywhere.

UGE Technical Specifications
Unimog Models U218/U318 U423 U427/U527 U430/U530
Emissions Class  Euro 6 Euro 6 Euro 6 Euro 6
Engines 130kW/ 177Hp 170kW/ 231Hp 200kW/ 272Hp 220kW/ 299Hp
Torque Nm/rpm 750/1200-1600 900/1200-1600 1100/1200-1600 1200/1200-1600
Engine Model OM 934 OM 934 OM 936 OM 936
Type 4-stroke diesel direct injection with turbocharger/ intercooler
No. of cylinders/arrangement 4, In-line 4, In-line 6, In-line 6, In-line
Displacement 5132 cc 5132 cc 7698 cc 7698 cc


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