UNIMOG & Schmidt

UNIMOG and Schmidt: ?Two strong partners for versatile and unique product solutions.

Unimog with High volume Schmidt snow cutter-blower and demountable pre-wet spreader

Unimog U 430 mit Schmidt Pflug und Schmidt Streuer

Unimog U430 with Schmidt Tarron Snowplough

Whether it is de-icing or snow

clearance, preventive or curative operations, in the municipal or the urban area: Anyone who is looking for reliable winter maintenance technology should not make any compromises with the application possibilities or the technical standards – the close cooperation between UNIMOG and Schmidt guarantees an equally unique and versatile product range for any

The cooperative structures between UNIMOG and Schmidt, developed over five decades, ensures the smooth coordination of ideas, planning and technical implementation, which also has an effect on the cost factor: in the aggregate, this means to our customers first rate quality at a favourable price. And, of course, this means that your investment will pay off over many years of application.

Schmidt products for Unimog

Schmidt products for Unimog

UNIMOG: A vehicle concept that meets with worldwide enthusiasm – and has perfectly suited our demands for more than 50 years. The close cooperation between UNIMOG and Schmidt dates back to 1950. Back then, we started to adapt the product concept in the field     of snow ploughs: by now, we have expanded our range specifically adapted to UNIMOG to cover our entire winter maintenance technology.

Unimog at the Airport















Unimog Schmidt
















Team Unimog; ready for Winter action

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