Unimog U5000 FOR SALE Crew Cab (DOKA)

U5000, 2013 , superb condition.


IMG_4388 IMG_4389 IMG_4393 IMG_4394 IMG_4396 IMG_4398 IMG_4399 Unimog U5000 Crew Cab

Unimog U5000 FOR SALE
Crew Cab (doka)
MB 3535 RAL 3002 carmine red
Tyres 395/85R20 987G56 80
Michelin Cross country
Special Equipment
A30 Central tyre inflation system (CTIS)
A31 Rim parts for central tyre inflation system
B23 All wheel parking brake
B87 Service brake system for 14,1 t
C34 Anti-skid coating on bumper
C87 Vertical exhaust pipe
E22 Battery box with sliding skid
E33 Manual battery isolater switch at battery box
E37 Permanent power socket 12V/15A, C3 impulse incl.
E55 Radio preparation (wiring, antenna, etc.)
E75 Batteries, 2 x 12V / 125 Ah
F07 Crew cab
F57 Air conditioning ‘Sütrac’
G48 Automatic shift (EAS)
G50 Transmission oil cooler
with F07: Fuel tank, effective capacity 160 liters -,–
L30 Stone impact protection for indicators headlight
L32 Protective grille, metal, for indicators
L60 Entrance lights at steps to cab
LH6 Protective grille, metal, for rear lights
P61 Subframe for superstructures
R34 Flat base rims 10.00V-20
S02 Air-suspended contoured driver seat
S12 Twin passenger seat
SK1 Seat cover artificial leather, driver’s seat
SK2 Seat cover artificial leather,passenger/back seat
X20 GVW Level increased
Z16 Special parts for fording ability
Z68 Sea conservation