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Choosing Mercedes-Benz Unimog is just the start…

Mercedes-Benz Finance are the only finance partner who has the full backing of our manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz, and they only finance Mercedes-Benz products. All of this means that no-one else can provide you with more in-depth product support and assistance whenever you need it. One of the best things about using Mercedes-Benz Finance to purchase your truck is that you gain not just the best truck on the market. You also have a new business partner who will be with you every step of the way. Their expert business team and your local dealer will help ensure you get the truck and finance package that’s right for you.



Mercedes-Benz Financial Services products 

A quick guide to what suits you and your business best


Contract Hire Operating Lease Finance Lease Hire Purchase
I would like the option to own my Unimog at the end of the finance agreement 8c6oBegri
No Large initial deposit 8c6oBegri 8c6oBegri 8c6oBegri
Fixed monthly payments 8c6oBegri 8c6oBegri 8c6oBegri 8c6oBegri
A Guaranteed Future Value will reduce monthly payments
Flexible deposit and repayment period 8c6oBegri 8c6oBegri 8c6oBegri 8c6oBegri
Reduces the risk of unplanned depreciation 8c6oBegri 8c6oBegri
I would like to change my vehicle every 3 years 8c6oBegri 8c6oBegri 8c6oBegri 8c6oBegri
Payments are not linked to agreed contract mileage 8c6oBegri
Follow this link to our CONTACT PAGE and ask for details of Unimog low-rate finance options from Mercedes-Benz Financial Services