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The Energy Sector: Past, Present and Future

The Unimog is just perfect for the challenges facing it in all areas of the energy sector; from exploration and extraction of fossil fuels, to installation and maintenance of biomass, A-D plants, solar and wind energy installations and the infrastructure maintenance of the UK’s electricity grids . Unimog has proven itself time and again when accessing difficult to reach poles and sub-stations for vital repair work.





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The all-terrain Unimog with it’s ‘Central Tyre Inflation System’, controllable from the cab and while rolling, combined with high ground clearance and a highly developed chassis means it gets in and out again with the minimum of fuss delivering key features and benefits:-

  • Quickly and safely to the job location with 4WD and differential locks
  • The Job is completed on time and on budget
  • High customer satisfaction and retention
  • The vehicle is available for the next job, maintaining productivity
  • Fewer costly vehicle recoveries
  • Reduced claims for land damage through soil compaction thanks to tyre pressure control system and inline single wheels
  • Low net weight, defined interfaces and body mounting allow professional performance with a wide variety of implements
  • Hydraulics for operating cable winches
  • Teamwork with many body manufacturers supplying insulated aerial working platforms for the Unimog
  • The cost-effective alternative for cleaning, maintenance and repair jobs under high voltage lines: working safely without switching off the power grid is possible up to 60kV

It manages to get everywhere – even to places which would otherwise only be accessible with tracked vehicles. On the job non-stop, the Unimog quietly gets on with the job, often under extremely difficult conditions: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Capable of handling arduous terrain, extreme temperatures and environments without infrastructure, the Unimog is also the ideal vehicle for exploration/expedition work.













Insulated platform