Construction & Quarrying

For difficult access to remote construction projects, quarries and mines


Mercedes-Benz Unimog hochgeländegängig Euro VI U 4023/U 5023 - Bau RWE Tagebau Gelände mit Kran

The number of roles where Unimog is put to use around the world just goes on-and-on:

On construction sites, Unimog is used to transport heavy plant safely on-and-off the site with often heavy going over undeveloped land or soft, wet soil. Unimog is often the only road going vehicle that can make it both in and then out again.

The ultimate tool carrier, Unimog can deliver all the hydraulic and PTO power needed for a variety of on-site tools and equipment.

As a fuel bowser it will get to the worksite and keep valuable equipment running.

As a personnel carrier and welfare unit it will deliver workers to their stations or pull them out in times of danger.

As a site investigation unit, Unimog becomes a self-propelled drilling platform that can reach the most difficult and remote locations in the shortest possible time

Once again, Unimog proves its versatility, safety, performance, innovation, productivity, efficiency and environmental responsibility.






















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