2011 S-TRAC U500 for sale

Built by South Cave Tractors in 2011 this Euro 5 S-TRAC forward-Control Unimog has always been well maintained and well cared for by it’s professional and very competent owners and operator.

Mercedes-Benz 238 hp engine with torque-convertoer clutchUnimogs proven chassis with full 4 wheel mechanical drive and 3 position diff-locks 7,400 working hours

4 wheel steer

16 speed gearbox

large and comfortable steel cab with air- conditioning and 8 high-output working lamps

Unimogs integrated Central Tyre Inflation System (CTIS)

Luxury air suspended driver seat plus a casual passenger seat

Row-crop wheels and tyres fitted, plus a 2nd set of floatation wheels and tyres available

Landquip spray pack with 5000 litre stainless steel tank and Aluminium 36 metre tri-fold booms for wet spray and OMEX system

Techneat slug pellet machine

GPS nozzle control

Good genuine condition

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